The bathroom is considering as the one of so-called wettest rooms, where an increased moistening of wall and floor surfaces can be expected. Only the ceramic surface, grouting compound respectively the layer of adhesive under ceramics do not assure waterproofed lined surface. Beside that, we also have at that kind of rooms different points of breakthroughs of income and outcome pipes. That way can the constant local moistening thru the lined surface cause problems in primary construction (gypsum wall, plaster, cement floor base) and consequently also for next-door rooms. 

Waterproofed lined surfaces between the ceramics setting can be achieved by using flexible waterproofed compound HIDROSTOP ELASTIK and with building in of KEMABAND sealing ribbons at the connections floor-wall and with KEMABAND cuff at the spots of pipes breakthroughs. That kind of realization is recommendable especially at cases of expected warming of floor. For applications of ceramics lining we use flexible adhesives asKEMAKOL FLEX 170 for wall and floor surfaces also as KEMAKOL PLAST 190 and KEMAKOL RAPID 193 for floor surfaces. For grouting of surfaces we use BETA + or FULL grouting compound, we seal moving connections and pipes breakthroughs with permanently elastic sealing compoundsKEMASIL.


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